Hungarian Heritage Recipe Library™© by Helen M. Radics

The Hungarian Heritage Recipe Library™© is my Mother, Canadian cookbook author Helen M. Radics’ sole creation. The Library only features her cookbooks and e-books. The Library is the part of our company, Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™© The Secret of Hungarian Cooking™© and is also the collective title of our works.

Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™© 1 is Helen M. Radics’ first and most popular cookbook. It introduces you to Hungary history rich culinary world, Hungarian wines, pastries, cakes, rustic breads, soups and such culinary treasures as the mouth-watering Hungarian Goulash, the fiery Chicken Paprikash and what collection of authentic Hungarian recipes would be complete without Hungarian Cabbage Rolls, which are not made with tomato paste, but the traditional Hungarian way, with the use of our national spice, Hungarian Red Paprika Powder. The book also features as extensive herbal dictionary, menu planning, culinary evolution of the Hungarian kitchen and the world famous Café Houses of Budapest.

Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™© 2 is the author’s second cookbook, also part of the popular Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™© cookbook series, which has 3 volumes. However, these highly collectable, keepsake cookbooks are stand alone books as well. You could collect the entire series to have a complete Hungarian recipe guide, or purchase the individual books which are complete enough to satisfy you for a lifetime. The second book, or the green book as the author’s customers named it, is another complete cookbook. It has an expanded herbal dictionary, more cakes, pastries and an entire new section titled, Vegetable Main Dishes, which will satisfy the entire family as they are complete meals.

Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™© 3 is the 3rd book of the series, however it is a treasure on its own. This unique cookbook should actually be called a baking book, as it is a complete collection of Hungary’s best loved baking recipes from sweet to savory. You will find everything from the Regal Dobos Torte, the aristocratic Eszterhazy Cake, the heartwarming Walnut Roll, to the rustic breads, biscuits and dinner rolls of the country side. The author also includes and entire section on cakes, including holiday cakes for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day and so much more. There is also a sinful cookie section, edible Christmas tree decorations and fun Halloween cookies that the entire family will love not only to eat, but to make as well. Why not let this lovely book be your guide to create new family traditions.

Helen’s Hungarian Heritage Collection™© is another treasure that your family will cherish for generations to come. Dozens of photos and fun illustrations show you the fun side of cooking. New features of the book include oven temperature guide, liquid measurement guide, metric conversion table, spice guide, herbal dictionary, peasant dishes and pastries. The book also shares with you the complete history of Hungarian Goulash which is our national dish.

Mom’s Hungarian Heritage Recipes™© is another complete cookbook featuring the most beloved recipes of the author’s family passed down from generation to generation each adding their special touch to it. Helen dedicated this lovely book to her Mother and Grandmothers, who were the most important influence on her life. Each lovingly crafted recipe is a joy to make and share with your family. This is another complete cookbook by the author, that will easily guide you through each section and help you create memorable dishes and dinner parties.

Helen’s Hungarian Rhapsody of Recipes™© Flavours of Hungary™© is the most wonderful and complete collection of mouth-watering, heart warming soups, delicate gourmet soups and the enticing pastries of Budapest Café Houses and the country kitchens of Hungary.

Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™© Anniversary Edition is combining the author’s most beloved cookbooks, the Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™© cookbook series. You will find all the features and recipes in one handy, and beautifully crafted cookbook. Colored photos, black and white photos, illustration, culinary history, spice guide, herbal dictionary, delectable desserts, main dishes, wines, meat dishes, goulashes, paprikash, soups and rustic breads are all part of this memorable collection.

Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes ™© Anniversary Edition in HUNGARIAN is a treasure on its own. This complete cookbook is the author’s 1st Hungarian language cookbooks. She has received hundreds of letters from fans, customers, friends and family asking her to create a book that shares all the features of the original book in Hungarian. Helen listened and translated her Anniversary Edition book into Hungarian. The book is the Hungarian twin of the original English version.



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