Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™  3
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Author and Life Magazine Spokesperson Helen M Radics' third
book is also the third in the highly praised cookbook series
Family Recipes™ 3  is a complete baking book enriched by 64
color photo pages, that bring to life the tempting creations of turn
of the century Budapest Cafe Houses and the specialities of the
Hungarian household.  The book's author
Helen M Radics was
once again back by popular demand  on CTV News, Life
Network and Life Magazine.   Helen M Radics and her husband
Joe Radics started collecting their family recipes following their
marriage in 1966.  

Following her beloved husbands that, Helen M Radics published
4 highly successful cookbooks
Treasured Hungarian Family
Recipes™ 1,2,3
and Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™.  
Each recipe has been perfected by Helen and Joe to create a
unique collection that has the potential of becoming a family
favorite yours to treasure for generations to come.  

Her baking book ranges from sweet to savory creations, but it is
more then just a baking book.  It also has a little bit of history
that lets you glance back to the era of Budapest Cafe Houses,
with such delicacies as the
Regal Dobos Torte, Sacher Cake,
Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, Halloween
and Thanksgiving
cakes, cookies, breads, biscuits
and many more lovely creations.
The Secret of Hungarian Cooking™ is revealed  by author
Helen M Radics (ILONA SZABO)
Author Helen M Radics
Chef Gordon Ramsay
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Helen M Radics shares with you the most cherished baking
recipes of her family.  From delectable desserts to mouth-
watering pastries to fragrant country breads.  You will find all in
this complete collection of the Tolnay, Szabo, Radics and
Swartz families.  

Through the pages of her baking book, the author lets you
glance into Hungarian culture, traditions and a way of life that is
unique in this rushed world we live in.  Hungary is not only
famous for its delicacies, goulashes but also for its hospitality.  
Take a journey through Hungary's turn of the century Cafe
Houses through 64 colored photo pages.

As you know, there aren't many Hungarian baking books.  
Don't miss out owning this unique collection of Helen M Radics'
recipes only found in
Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™ 3
by Helen M Radics.  
Photos courtesy of Helen M Radics and the Hungarian National Tourism Board
Copyright © Helen M Radics
Helen M Radics
Canada  2011
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