Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™  2
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Author and Life Magazine Spokesperson Helen M Radics's
second book is also the second in the highly praised cookbook
Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™.   Treasured
Hungarian Family Recipes™ 2
is enriched by 64 color photo
, that bring to life the tempting creations of turn of the
century Budapest Cafe Houses, the elegant dishes of Hungarian
Gourmet Restaurants and the mouth-watering recipes of the
every-day Hungarian Household.  The book's author
Helen M
was once again back by popular demand  on CTV News,
Life Network and Life Magazine.   Helen M Radics and her
husband Joe started collecting their recipes following their
marriage in 1966.  They were gifted a precious  booklet which
contained Helen's great-grandmother's recipes and family
traditions.  Soon after the couple realized that all their family
heritage recipes would not fit in one cookbook and  decided to
create a cookbook series titled,
Treasured Hungarian Family
Helen & Joe came up with subtitles for each book
that would be a part of
Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™.  
These subtitles will be familiar to you if you know the cookbooks
that the author has published recently.  Helen has used them as
individual cookbook titles honouring her husband and the ladies
of her family.  They are:
Treasured Hungarian Family
Recipes™, Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™,      The
Secret of Hungarian Cooking™
The Secret of Hungarian Cooking™
is revealed  by author
Helen M Radics
Helen M Radics and her chef students in the Dominican Republic
Author Helen M Radics
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Book Details
Hungarian Paprika  History      5-6
Spices/oils/hersb                      7-17
Cafe New York                      18-19
Soup                                       25-45
Goulash - Paprikash              46-65
Vegetable Main Dishes        66-79
Meat Dishes                        80-127
Side Dishes                        128-136
Cakes/Pastires/Sweets      137-177
Chocolate Truffles             178-187
Breads/Biscuits etc.           188-203

64 colored photo pages included in
203 pages
Featured Sections

Note From the Author
Hungarian Paprika - Museum
History of Hungarian Wine
Expended Herbal Dictionary
Cafe New York Budapest
Hungarian Goulash Section

The author has also included a
special section dedicated to one
of the most popular dishes in
Hungary called "Fozelek".  They
are vegetable main dishes.
... and many more Hungarian
specialties and family favorites
Photos courtesy of Helen M Radics and the Hungarian National Tourism Board
Copyright © Helen M Radics
Helen M Radics
Canada  2011
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