Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™  1
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Take a journey through Hungary's history rich culinary world,
through the pages of
Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™ 1
enrich by
64 color photo pages, historical information, food
history, spice history and many more enjoyable details that make
this highly collectible recipe book more then just another
cookbook.  The book's author
Helen M Radics was named the
Life Magazine Spokesperson for "Walnut Roll" in 2010,
so you will know that she will share with your recipes that will
certainly become new family favorites.  

Hungarian National Tourism Board has highly praised the
author for spreading Hungary's culinary treasures and specialities
outside Hungary.  Helen M Radics' Hungarian heritage recipes
spread like wildfire worldwide in less then a year featured on
CTV News, CTV cooking segments,  Life Network and by Life
 as one of the best newcomers of the year.  

Her secret is not only the mouth-watering recipes included in this
lovely cookbook, but her easy to follow manner which makes
her books a joy to read.  Don't miss out owning a copy of her
highly collectible keepsake of a cookbook
Book Details
Introduction                                3-6
Hungarian Paprika                     7-8
Spices/oils/hersb                      8-15
Menu Planning                            16
History of Hungarian Wine        17
Hungarian Wine Selection         18
Appetizers                              19-31
Soups                                     32-55
Main Dishes                        56-136
Side Dishes                        137-144
Cakes/Pastires/Sweets      145-181
Chocolate Truffles             181-185
Breads/Biscuits etc.           186-203

64 colored photo pages included in
203 pages
Featured Sections

History of Hungarian Food
History of Hungarian Paprika
History of Hungarian Wine
Hungarian Wine Selection
Herbal Dictionary
Hungarian Goulash
Chicken Paprikash
Dobos Torte
Eszterhazy Torte
Sacher Cake

... and many more Hungarian
specialties and family favorites
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Photos courtesy of Helen M Radics and the Hungarian National Tourism Board
Copyright © Helen M Radics
Helen M Radics
Canada  2011
Helen M Radics and her chef students in the Dominican Republic
Author Helen M Radics &
Chef Gordon Ramsay
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The Secret of Hungarian Cooking™ is revealed  by author Helen M Radics (ILONA SZABO)