Helen's Tea Cake
"Kuglof" is one of the most popular tea cakes of Hungary.  There are many
versions, but today I will share with you the most popular type of
"Kuglof". It
is similar to bunt cake.  You can also make it without cocoa powder however
it gives
"Kuglof" its unique appearance.
500 grams of flour
2      teaspoon yeast
1      egg yolk
10    grams of vanilla sugar
80    grams powdered sugar
60    grams melted uns. butter
280  ml warm (not hot) milk
1      tablespoon of raisins
10    grams cocoa powder
1      pinch of salt
Prepare a bunt cake form by buttering
it and flouring it.  Shake out access
Place flour, lemon
zest, vanilla sugar
and pinch of salt in a
Add yeast to warm
milk with a pinch of
salt, cover and let rise
for 5 minutes
Add melted butter, yeast mixture, egg
yolk, sugar to flour mixture.

Work together well.  
Work with your
Form a ball
Divide into two, by
cutting into half
and form two balls
Press down
middle of dough
by hand
Add raisins
Work raisins into
cover and let rise
until it doubles in
size (ab. 1 hour)
Press down
middle of second
dough as well
Add cocoa and
work into dough
Work into dough
by hand
Cover and let rise
in a warm place for
ab. 1 hour
Look how beautiful
they are
Roll them into long
salami like logs
Twist together as
seen on photo
Preheat oven to
Place into form
and let rise for
another for 1 hour
Doubled in size.
Now bake for
about 30-35
Remove from oven
Turn out onto a
plate, wire rack or
wooden cutting
Let it cool
completely then
dust with
powdered sugar ,
cinnamon sugar
and cover with
melted chocolate

Serve this lovely
tea cake with hot
cocoa, hot
chocolate, hot tea,
coffee or

It can be frozen.