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Author Helen M Radics latest cookbook Mom's Hungarian
Heritage Recipes™
has been in the media since its publication
earlier this year.  Its original content and elegant appearance
make it irresistible for existing and potential customers.  

Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™ is the sole creation of
Helen M Radics and her late husband Joe Radics.  The birth of
this unique book dates back to the turbulent sixties, but it would
not exist without the special touch of author Helen M Radics.

She shares with you her family history by introducing you to her
beloved grandmothers, and Mother.  Her grandmother Apollonia
Swartz has always been her role model.  Through love, caring
and delicious dishes, she kept her family together in harmony.  
Helen has continued in her footsteps and now, through
Hungarian Heritage Recipes™
she shares with you her most
cherished and treasured recipes.  

Your family will cherish this highly collectible, elegant keepsake
of a cookbook for generations to come.

Put a little Spice in your Life!!!
Chicken Soup A'la Helen
Smoked Salmon Roll
Photos courtesy of Helen M Radics and the Hungarian National Tourism Board
Copyright © Helen M Radics
Helen M Radics
Canada  2011
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Author Helen M Radics (Ilona Szabo) Reveals the
Secret of Hungarian Cooking