Pages:  195
Coloured Photos: 97
Clickable Table of
Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™ 3 is the 3rd cookbook in the Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™ cookbook series by author and Life
Magazine Spokesperson Helen M Radics. A complete baking book from sweet to savoury enriched by over 64 coloured photo pages that bring to life the
delectable creations of turn of the century Budapest Cafe Houses, and the every-day family favourites of Hungarian households. The book is complete with a
historical section on famous Budapest Cafe Houses, Breads, Biscuits, Bread sticks, Pastries, Cakes, Tortes, Pastries, Truffles, Meringues, Holiday Cakes,
Holiday Cookies and so much more...

Helen M Radics' baking book will surely become a new family favourite cherished by generations to come.
Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™© 3
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Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™© 3
Pages:  147
Coloured Photos: 118
Clickable Table of Contents
Clickable Herbal Dictionary
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Radics, featured on CTV News, Life Network and by Life Magazine.

The book's 147 pages, feature 113 coloured photos for easier recipe preparation; clickable table of contents and a clickable herbal dictionary. Take a journey
through Hungary's history rich culinary world through the pages of Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™ 1.

Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™ 1 features:

* Clickable Table of Contents
* Clickable Herbal Dictionary
* History of Hungarian Red Paprika
* Healthy Oils, Spices
* History of Hungarian Wine
* Hungarian Wine Selection
* Appetizers
* Main Dishes
* Side Dishes
* Cakes
* Pastries
* Breads
* Tortes
* Biscuits
* Truffles

... and many more traditional and original recipes from the author Helen M Radics. Don't miss out owning the e-book version of this highly collectible,
keepsake of a cookbook, that your family will cherish for years to come.
Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™©: Goulash Book™
Pages:  40
Coloured Photos: 30
Clickable Table of Contents
Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™©: Goulash Book is exclusively an e-book. It's printed format will come out later this year.

The author, Helen M Radics creator or the highly successful
Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™© cookbook series, who is also the official Life
Magazine spokesperson for "Walnut Roll". The book features dozens of coloured photos that bring to life the secret of
Hungarian Goulash and all goulash
based  recipes. The goulash family includes several surprising dishes such as Hungarian Potato Paprikash and  dish that is considered to be a national
treasure, The world-famous Hungarian Chicken Paprikash.  Goulash Book is a complete look at Hungarian Goulash and its cousins...
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Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™: Baking Book™©
Pages:  48
Coloured Photos: 56
Clickable Table of Contents
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Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™: Baking Book™ is a complete baking book by Canadian cookbook author and Life Magazine Spokesperson,
Helen M Radics featured on CTV News, Life Network and by Life Magazine. The e-book's dozens of coloured photos will bring to life the tempting
creations of turn of the century Budapest Cafe Houses, and the mouth-watering desserts of the every-day Hungarian household.

From the regal Dobos Torte to the delicious biscuits of your grandmother's house is all included in this lovely collection of family recipes. The author, Helen M
Radics, creator of the
Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™ cookbook series and Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™ / Helen's Hungarian
Heritage Collection™
 will reveal secret recipes from the Szabo, Tolnay, Swartz and Radics families. Don't miss out owning a piece of Hungarian culinary
Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™©
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Pages:  128
Coloured Photos: 101
Clickable Table of Contents
Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™© is the latest e-book from Canadian cookbook author and Life Magazine Spokesperson Helen M Radics,
featured on
CTV News, Life Network and by Life Magazine.

The author, Helen M Radics dedicated Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™© to the ladies of her family who had the biggest influence on her life. Her
Mother, and her Grandmothers. She shares with you over a hundred coloured photos and black and white family photos that bring to life the many traditional
and original dishes that her family has cherished for generations and your family will adore as well.
Helen's Hungarian Rhapsody of Recipes™©
Pages:  66
Coloured Photos: 55
Clickable Table of
Helen's Hungarian Rhapsody of Recipes™ is a unique collection of Soups and Desserts
passed down for generations in the author's family.  Learn
The Secret of Hungarian
from Helen M Radics (born Ilona Szabo).  Her books are the only passport ever
needed to journey through Hungary's history rich culinary world.
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Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection™©
Pages:  214
Clickable Table of
Helen’s Hungarian Heritage Collection™© is Helen M. Radics’ latest e-book.  It is the electronic version of her printed cookbook with the same
title.  The author shares her family recipes through the Hungarian Heritage Recipe Library™© which was created by her decades ago.  The
library only features the works of Helen M. Radics.

Helen’s Hungarian Heritage Collection™© features

•An Expanded Herbal Dictionary
• Spice Guide
•Oven Temperature Guide
•Liquid Measurement Chart
•Solid Measurement Chart
•The complete history of Hungarian Goulash
•Peasant Dishes
•Meat Dishes
•Pastries & Sweets
•Baking Section (Sweet to Savory)

Enriched by dozens of photo pages and fun illustrations that will share with you the light side of cooking.  Easy to create recipes for the
everyday busy woman, who has no time for complicated explanations and time-consuming instructions.  Your new family favorites are just a
click away.   
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Helen's Hungarian Heritage

Now available in  Both
English and Hungarian


English Version at the
Bottom of the Page

English Version
Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection™©
Hungarian Language Version - MAGYAR NYELVU KIADAS
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Teljes Konyv Magyar Nyelvu Kiadasa
Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection™© is the Hungarian Language Version of the original cookbook.  

Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection™© Magyar Nyelvu kiadasa magaba foglalja a teljes Angol nyelvu kiadas tartalmat.  Iro Helen M. Radics megossza
velunk csaladja feltve orzott receptjeit melyet fotok es vicces ilustraciok gazdagitanak.  
Helen M. Radics (szuletett Ilona Szabo) szakacskonyveben
megtalhatjuk a reszletes gyogynoveny es fuszer lexikont, a suteshez es adagolashoz szukseges tablazatokat, unnepi, paraszt es inyenc eteleket,
sutemenyeket, tortakat, leveseket es meg rengeteg mas kulinaris specialitast.  Szinten megismerhetjuk a Magyar Porkolt teljes tortenetet.  

Welcome to our e-book page, where you may purchase our most popular e-books.  Most of them are electronic versions of our
internationally available cookbooks. We are also translating all of our e-books into Hungarian, so they will be available in both English
and Hungarian versions.  The Hungarian books will soon be available in printed version as well.  

Koszontjuk Onoket electromos konyv oldalunkon ahol megtalalhatja legnepszerubb elektromos konyveinket es elektromos valtozatat
eredeti nyomtatott szakacskonyveinknek.  Hamarosan minden elektromos konyvunk megvasarolhato lesz MAGYAR nyelven.  Nyomtatott
szakacskonyveink a kozeljovoben szinten kaphatoak lesznek Magyarul is.  
Surprise yourself or that special someone with a unique collection of recipes.  Prepare special feasts, roasts, dishes,
desserts and pastries from
Helen M Radics many cookbooks.  They are easy to follow, full of coloured photos, detailed
instructions and a clickable table of content and many of them also contain a clickable herbal dictionary.  

Helen M Radics also has complete cookbooks and baking books just for your special celebrations.  Fall in love with the
magic of Hungarian cooking one dish at a time.  With our e-books, there is no need to wait for a shipment, simply order
the books and get them right away.  Enjoy mouth-watering dishes, delectable desserts and aromatic breads.

To Purchase Any of Our PRINTED COOKBOOKS Please Click on The Photo Below
Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection™©
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Welcome to my latest e-cookbook, which I dedicate to one of my favorite seasons, Fall. O.K. I must be honest, I have
sneaked in some recipes that you will simply love during blistery winter days as well. As you know I live in Canada but my
heritage is Hungarian, so you will find dozens of time tested recipes from the tables of my Grandmother and Great-

As always, I aimed to create a cookbook that will include all parts of cooking. Soups and main dishes are a must in my family
that all well rounded meals would include.

You will find mouth-watering diet soups, rustic soups, elegant gourmet soups, holiday dishes and peasant recipes that will
be guaranteed family favorites warming up your heart and soul.

Table of Contents

• Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Soup
• Thanksgiving Roasted Pumpkin Soup
• Hungarian Goulash Soup
• Country Harvest Soup
• Harvest Bean Soup
• Harvest Style Hunter Soup
• Cheesy Zucchini Soup
• Cream of Broccoli Soup
• Peasant Bean Soup with Smoked Sausage
• Hungarian Bean Goulash Soup
• Sour Cherry Soup
• Rustic Harvest Potato Soup
• Fall Lentil Soup
• Wine Lover's Grape Soup
• Wine Lover's Grape Soup 2.
• Caraway Seed Soup
• Harvest Carrot Soup
• Sweet Fennel Soup
• Cream of Celery Soup
• Hunter Soup
• Hungarian Onion Soup
• French Onion Soup
• Rustic Beef Soup
Hardy - Mouth-watering Diet Soups
• Sample Meal Plan
• Breakfast
• Snack
• Lunch
• Dinner
• Rustic Cabbage Soup
• Hungarian Cabbage Soup
• Helen's Zucchini Soup
• Hangover Soup
• Rustic Tomato Soup
• French Harvest Soup
Main Dishes
• Peasant Pork in Red Wine
• Harvest Cabbage
• Bacon Baked Rabbit
• Crispy Pork Roast
• Peppered Beef Roast
• Spicy Country Roast
• Gypsy Steak Salad
• Pork On Fire
• Happy Pork Roast
• Braided Tenderloin
• Rosemary-Braised Lamb
• Spicy Salmon
• Chicken Breast in Brandy Sauce
• Layered Meatloaf
• Pork Rolls
• Veal in Beer Sauce
• Country Chicken with Green Peas
• Muscovy Duck Roast
• Drunken Duck
• Chicken With Mushroom
• Cold Stuffed Pork Hock
• Pork Pudding
• Christmas Salad
• Spicy Tomato Sauce
• Truffle Sauce
• Mushroom Sauce
• Sour Cherry Sauce
• Basil Pesto
• Cilantro Pesto
• Hollandaise Sauce
• Dill Sauce
• Gooseberry Sauce
• Hungarian Onion Sauce