My Mother, Helen started to sort trough her tremendous amount of family recipes several decades ago,
wanting to gather the best and most cherished dishes in a book to share  with the world.  My Father Joe
was a valuable help to her, especially in coming up with the title
Treasured Hungarian Family
and at that time only as a subtitle, My Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™.  They
created a keepsake little booklet full of Hungarian heritage recipes in 1990 for my Mother's birthday.  
She was full of excitement, energy and I could see the sense of accomplishment giving her more and
more confidence every day.   It filled me with pride to know that my
 Mother's Hungarian heritage
would not be lost for future generations.  She lovingly chose each recipe and shared with me
memories of her childhood, that put a smile on her face, as  she pressed on with creating her first
Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™.  

My Father, Joe was also a great cook and baker, so he had a world of recipes to share.  He made the
goulash, paprikash and his speciality "Cold Paprikash"  (hideg paprikas) from his great-
grandmother.  It was a joy to watch them work together.  

Then tragedy struck.  My Father Joe, the love of her life had an accident.  Her life, her dreams were put
on hold, and almost forgotten for 3 years.  My Mother's daily life simply revolved around taking care of
my Father and making him more comfortable.  Time for herself was non-existent.  

I always knew that she was the best Mother in the world, but her selflessness while taking care of my
Father brought tears to my eyes many times during those 3 hard years.  Following the early death of my
Father, Joe who was only 53 when he passed away, my Mother's days became filled with the need to
take care of everyone around her.  She fulfilled that need by channeling all her energy into spoiling our
friends with mouth-watering dishes, delectable cakes and pastries.  

For holidays and birthdays she also made each gift complete with a little bit of herself by creating edible
little treasures, such as her very popular chocolate truffles and earthy Pâtés.   Seeing the joy in the eyes
of her friends after opening one of her truffle boxes, slowly brought her back to life.  Her lovely dark eyes
shone like black diamonds once again, with each passing day making her stronger and more

Seeing that confidence, I asked her one day, why doesn't she start working on her cookbook again.  
She looked puzzled, as if just remembering her long cherished dream of sharing her love of food, and
the joy of cooking with the world.
 The Secret of Hungarian Cooking was in her heart, ready to be
shared.   Later that night I saw my Mother gather her notes and her favourite pen and
Hungarian Family Recipes™ The Secret of Hungarian Cooking
was born.  During Easter
Monday 2010, my Mother, Helen held the very first copy of her long awaited cookbook in her hand, as a
tiny teardrop rolled down her face as she whispered almost silently

          "I wish your Father could share this moment with us..."

I told her that I'm sure he was with her every step of the way, how else would she be such a strong lady
following all the hardship that she had to endure.  She kissed me, as she started to tell me about her
plans for a second book already forming in her mind.   

my Mother's Hungarian heritage recipes found homes in 5 highly sought after cookbooks,
Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™ 1
/ Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™ / Treasured
Hungarian Family Recipes™ 3 / Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™ / Helen's Hungarian
Heritage Collection™/ Helen's Hungarian Rhapsody of Recipes™ / Helen's Treasured
Hungarian Family Recipes™

My Mother, Helen M Radics' cookbooks and cooking expertise has been featured on CTV News and
Life Network several times.   Although she is not a Chef, her baking skills won her the honour of being
named the official
Life Magazine Spokesperon for Walnut Roll.

The Hungarian National Tourism Board has also commended my Mother Helen M Radics (born
Ilona Szabo)
for all her accomplishments and praised her for keeping the Hungarian heritage alive
outside the borders of Hungary and for Spreading the Hungarian Culture around the world through her
FREE Cooking Videos, cooking show and cookbooks.   They applauded my Mother's
Hungarian heritage recipe collection
in her 7 cookbooks  Treasured Hungarian Family
Recipes™ 1,2,3 / Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection™
/ Mom's Hungarian Heritage
/ Helen's Hungarian Rhapsody of Recipes™  / Helen's Treasured Hungarian Family
 as being instrumental in keeping the Hungarian culinary world alive outside of Hungary.  

Please don't miss out owning a piece of Hungary's history rich culinary world through these highly
collectible , beautiful
Hungarian Heritage Recipes.  After all, it is a glance in our family's heart and
soul, my Mother Helen.

written by
Helen Radics Jr.
About The Author
Helen M Radics
(born Ilona Szabo)
The story of my Mother, Helen M Radics
Her mouth-watering recipes spread like wildfire around the World
Dreaming of creating a Hungarian heritage cookbook has never been  a
problem   for my Mother,
Helen M Radics, after all her imagination and creativity
always amazed  everyone during family celebrations and get-togethers.  She has
enriched not only my  life, but the lives of all her friends and family through her
lovingly prepared Hungarian    heritage recipes.  She has always attracted people
with her caring personality and joy  of life.     Her grandmother and
greatgrandmother created their first little notebook of family recipes in 1891.  She
was given a copy of that notebook as a wedding gift in  1966.