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Author Helen M Radics' cookbook s Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™
/ Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection / Mom's Hungarian Heritage
Recipes™ / Helen's Hungarian Rhapsody of Recipes™ / Helen's Treasured
Hungarian Family Recipes™
are the most extensive collection of traditional
Hungarian heritage recipes, gourmet creations and original dishes in the
world.  There are also several e-books by the author

Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes 1
Treasured Hungarian  Family Recipes
Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes

Helen's Treasured Hungarian  Family Recipes
Helen's Hungarian Rhapsody of Recipes
Flavours of Hungary
Goulash Book
Easy Baking
The Secret of Hungarian Cooking
Easy Gourmet

Helen M Radics ' cooking skill and her recipe books were featured on CTV
News, Life Network
and by Life Magazine on many occasions.  She was
also named the
Life Magazine Spokesperson for "Walnut Roll"  during the
2010 Christmas Season.   So when you purchase a cookbook by the author,
you know you will receive a keepsake booklet that is easy to follow and time
tested recipes.  Ever wondered about the Secret of Hungarian Cooking™?  
Helen M Radics will share with you such national treasures as
Goulash, Chicken Paprikash, Fish Soup and of course what collection of
traditional Hungarian recipes could be without one of our most cherished
dishes, Hungarian Cabbage Rolls, which are not made with tomato paste,
but the traditional Hungarian way, with Hungarian Red Paprika Powder.  

Own one of the best Hungarian cookbooks in the world with a complete
selection of all the recipes you have been searching for.  The author's 3rd
book Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™3 is a complete baking book
from sweet to savoury.  You will find breads, biscuits, holdiay cakes, cookies,
pastries just to mention a few.  She also shares with yuo such secret recipes
as the
Regal Dobos Torte, Eszterhazy Torte, Walnut Cake, Punch Torte,
Sacher Cake
and of course the recipe for her famous "Walnut Roll", for
which she is the official Life Magazine Spokesperson.  
However to avoid
imitations, only purchase a cookbook that is from an authorized source, and
the author is listed as Helen M Radics, along with her photo.

The ladies of Helen's family have always been admired for their love of
family, colourful but elegant family celebrations and dishes that once tasted,
never forgotten.  Helen continued in their tradition when she married the love
of her life Joe Radics in 1966.  The young couple was gifted a small
notebook passed down from Helen's great-grandmother and the secret of
her family's most cherished and treasured family recipes were revealed.  
Although , despite her young age ,Helen has been an expert cook for many
years, at the time she felt as if a treasure trove of recipes opened up to her.  

Joe was a professional boxer and prominent architect and Helen opened a
fashion boutique.  The young family worked very hard on establishing a new
life for themselves,  their passion has always been cooking and baking.  
Helen & Joe has created many original recipes together and also perfected
well known dishes to specialties that are unique to their family.  Helen wished
to create a cookbook with all her family's traditional and original dishes, but
soon she realized that one book would not be able to give home to all their
cherished recipes.  The couple decided to create a series of cookbooks and
came up with several subtitles for the individual cookbook volumes:

Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™
Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™
The Secret of Hungarian Cooking™

Helen and her husband sorted recipes, memories and planned each book
together.  As they eventually planned to move to Canada, decided to write
the books in English.  They planned to establish a new life in this wonderful
land of dreams and one of these dreams became  the hope  of publishing
their family cookbooks.  

In 1990 they published their first booklet of Hungarian heritage recipes titled
Our Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™ , planning on publishing a full size
cookbook for their Silver Wedding anniversary in 1991.  However, life
stopped the young couple's effort; Joe's early death has put a complete halt
to Helen's plans for a published full sized book.  

In 2010 Helen, with her daughter's support finally published the first
cookbook on her own, without her beloved husband.  
Treasured Hungarian
Family Recipes 1 spread like wildfire over the country, then around the
world.  Soon demand for her cookbook was so big  that she decided to
publish her second book
Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes 2,  and  3
and soon the following:
 Mom's Hungarian Heritage Recipes™ /  Helen's
Hungarian Heritage Collection™ / Helen's Hungarian Rhapsody of Recipes /
Helen's Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes™.
 Today, Helen M Radics is
working on her NEXT cookbook, ready to be purchased soon.
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Author Helen M Radics
CTV News with Kyle Christie
Author Helen M Radics
CTV News - Nancy Richards
Goulash Soup - Serve With Crusty Bread
Duck Roast - Serve with Hungarian Red Wine Braised Cabbage
Gerbeaud (Zserbo) Slice - Honey Gerbeud Slice
Walnut Slice - Serve with a delicate white wine such as our Tokaji Aszu
Arugula Salad - Only a Robust Red wine such as
Breakfast will never be boring again
I know, it's not Hungairan But a family favorite
The Star of Soups - Cream of Broccoli Soup
Hungarian Cucumber Salad fantastic with Goulash
Cabbage Rolls -Serve with Dinner Rolls

The Hungarian National
Tourism Board highly
praised author Helen M
Radics (Ilona Szabo) for
her efforts in keeping
Hungarian Heritage
Recipes alive outside the
borders of Hungary
through her books, videos
and cooking show
with Chef Gordon Ramsay
Chef Massimo Capra
Helen M Radics brings you her latest cookbook,
Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection
.  The only
passport ever needed to journey through Hungary's
history rich culinary world.  Best Hungarian Cookbooks
brings you this lolvely new book.  This book takes a new
direction.  Although
 Life Magazine Spokesperson
Author Helen M Radics brings you her latest cookbook,
Helen's Hungarian Heritage Collection
.  The only
passport ever needed to journey through Hungary's
history rich culinary world.  Best
Watch Kifli Video
The most popular
savoury pastry of
Hungarian Cookbooks brings you this lolvely new book.  This book takes a new

includes an extensive herbal dictionary, however that is where the similarities
Helen M Radics also includes funny illustrations, spice guide, oven
temperature guide, measurement guide, metric conversation table,
peasant dishes
and more family favorites.  The book has and old world feel
that transport you back in time through each easy to follow recipe.  You will
soon realize why
Helen M Radics was chosen by Life Magazine to be their
official spokesperson for Walnut Roll.  
Buy e-books   Surprise yourself or that  special someone with a unique
collection of recipes.  Prepare special  feasts, roasts, dishes, desserts and
pastries from Helen M Radics many cookbooks.  They are easy to follow, full of
coloured photos, detailed instructions and a clickable table of content and many
of them also contain a clickable herbal dictionary.  Helen M Radics also has
complete cookbooks and baking books just for your special celebrations.  Fall
in love with the magic of Hungarian cooking one dish at a time.
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e-books, there is no need to wait for a shipment, simply order the books
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.  Enjoy mouth-watering dishes, delectable desserts
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Helen M Radics' cookbooks are the only passport needed to

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Meet the latest member of the HUNGARIAN HERITAGE
™.  Treasured Hungarian Family Recipes
Anniversary Edition is the latest cookbook by author Helen M
Radics featuring the best collection of Hungarian Soups and
Delectable Desserts.  The
Flavours of Hungary is revealed and
Secret of Hungarian Cooking is passed on by the author to
your table.  Enjoy this journey through Hungary's Culinary World.
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Copyright / Trademark is registered by Helen M Radics for the intellectual
properties listed above.  Please click on the links provided to verify Copyright /
Trademark ownership or to view certificates issued by the Canadian Intellectual
Property Office, which is the issuing Canadian government agency.  
Hungarian Food has always fascinated people,

Hungarian Goulash (not to be
mistaken with Hungarian Goulash Soup) has
been the topic of conversation around the dinner
table for generations.  Hungarian Goulash is
traditionally served with "Nokedli" , similar to

However it could also be accompanied by
boiled potatoes.  It is a little known fact that
Hungarian Goulash was not made with the use
of our national symbol, the fiery Hungarian Red
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New E-BOOK Alert!!!
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Helen’s Hungarian

is Helen M. Radics’
latest e-book.  It is the
electronic version of
her printed cookbook
with the same title.  
The author shares her
family recipes through
Hungarian Heritage
Recipe Library™©

which was created by
her decades ago.  The
library only features
the works of
Helen M.

Helen’s Hungarian
Heritage Collection™©

  • An Expanded
    Herbal Dictionary
  • Spice Guide
  • Oven
  • Liquid
  • Solid
  • The complete
    history of
  • Peasant Dishes
  • Meat Dishes
  • Pastries & Sweet
  • Soups
  • Baking Section
    (Sweet To Savory)

Enriched by dozens of
photo pages and fun
illustrations that will
share with you the light
side of cooking.  Easy
to create recipes for the
everyday busy woman,
who has no time for
explanations and time-
instructions.  Your new
family favorites are just
a click away.   
The Lighter Side
of Cooking

My brother, who was a
district attorney
visited his friend, the
Governor General of
Hungary. They decided
to drop in. I had 20
minutes notice from
my brother or the visit.

I was very excited and
nervous, as it's not
every day that you
have such important
guest. I prepared my
best china, got the
coffee ready, filled the
sugar pot and set the
table. Just as I
finished they sowed

My brother's friend
remarked that finally
he will get a great cup
of coffee as he heard
my coffee was very

I poured the coffee,
offered the sugar and
set down to chat with
my company. Then I
saw the first shiver or
disgust on the face of
my "important" guest;
then my husband
shook all over in
repulsion, my brother,
who was always the
best behaved man of
any party,
unceremoniously spat
the coffee back into
the elegant china cup.
I was so mortified, I
could faint.

To my questioning
glance, my brother,
after sipping some
water, calmly stated
that perhaps next time
I could serve the coffee
with sugar instead of
Care for Some
Mini Chocolate Cake
Dinner Rolls
Stuffed Picnic Roast
Vadas - Creamy
Pork with Bun Balls
Sacher Cake which I
made for my CTV
cooking segment
Hungarian Savoury
Croissants with
Caraway Seeds
Budapest - Hungary
At Night
Chain Bridge
Veal in Red Wine
Sauce and Berries
Helen's Hungarian Heritage
Collection™© e-book
is now available
in Hungarian
NEW Hungarian Language Version
English Version
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